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Wrap-Chaps wrap around your legs in SECONDS !!   EASY ON  -  EASY OFF!!   It doesn't get any easier!

                                              KNEE-NECKS work the same way on your LOWER LEGS!  Please go to the KNEE-NECKS page for more info.

Welcome to the home of KNEE-NECKS and Wrap-Chaps!

NO MORE COLD LEGS!!!!  Stay warm and dry!!

Shovel the SNOW, walk the dog, ride motorcycles, SNOWSHOE,
Mail Carriers, use snowblowers, emergency kit in car or truck,
get the mail, get firewood and many, many more uses!!


   With the HISTORIC COLD WEATHER that most of the US has been experiencing, please tell your friends
and relatives about KNEE-NECKS and Wrap-Chaps.

Thickly quilted KNEE-NECKS and Wrap-Chaps will keep you warm and protect you from the snow while you shovel,
snowblow, or plow the snow.

Quilted KNEE-NECKS are great to keep in the car or truck for EMERGENCIES during snow storms should you or your
friends or loved ones get stuck and have to walk for help or have to wait for hours while roads and highways
are cleared.

  NOTE:  Keep your KNEE-NECKS under the driver's seat or next to you! You have to able
to get to them WITHOUT getting out of the car or truck and into the snow.  You can put them on or take
them off very easily in your car or truck. If you get wet walking to the trunk, even for your emergency kit,
it can really create a serious
situation if you are stuck for a prolonged period of time.

PLEASE tell your friends and loved ones about KNEE-NECKS and Wrap-Chaps.

They will be happy and grateful that you thought about them and were concerned!